Matias del Campo

Matias del Campo

Matias del Campo is a registered architect, designer, educator, and director of the AR2IL Laboratory - the Laboratory for Architecture and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Michigan. Founded together with Sandra Manninger in Vienna in 2003, SPAN is a globally acting practice best known for their application of contemporary technologies in architectural production. Their award-winning architectural designs are informed by advanced geometry, computational methodologies, and philosophical inquiry. This frame of considerations is described by SPAN as a design ecology. Most recently Matias del Campo was awarded the Accelerate@CERN fellowship, the AIA Studio Prize, and was elected to the boards of directors of ACADIA. SPAN’s work is in the permanent collection of the FRAC, the MAK in Vienna, the Benetton Collection, and the Albertina. He is an Associate Professor at Taubman College for Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan.

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